Monday, December 24, 2012

Good Riddance: Goodbye, Farewell, Adieu ( Michael D'Ascenzo )

Before I drop one of many balls in the air, I have to make a decision. There are so many good financial blogs and taxing writers with so many authentic voices. I read their words and I wonder where they come from ... It was destined to start blogging. Yes nothing but destiny could do that, knowing how averse to numbers I am ;-)When I started in 2002, a decade ago, there were no Murphys nor Carons, however, in 2013 we are all served well by many scholars, gentlemen and gentlewomen AMEN!

Czech our Dearest Treaure Island on the web Richard Murphy The bankers’ 12 days of Christmas and research by accounting site on matter sucha s tax employees ... An HMRC INSIDER has been jailed along with 14 others after he diverted £1.2m of tax payments into the accounts of his co-defendants ; Tax-Dodging Celebrities: Rich And Famous Move To Tax Havens

Speech by Commissioner of Taxation Michael D'Ascenzo at his farewell dinner, 29 November 2012 'It has been great and I have been fortunate'

What I leaned in NSW Parliament courtesy of Dr Cope: Governor Lachlan Macquarie created a new currency 199 years ago. To ease a shortage of fiat money in the fledgling NSW colony, he imported 40,000 Spanish dollars (£10,000 worth at the time) and cut the centres out of them to create the “holey dollar” worth five shillings and the “dump” worth 15 pence (1 shilling, 3 pence). Two centuries after Macquarie’s out-of-the-vault thinking, not just physical currencies but the payment systems that have evolved from them, such as cheques and even credit cards, are facing an existential challenge from new virtual currencies that have their origins in online worlds and social media but are now marching into reality...

CODA: SOURCES for serious readers on taxing times and other matters of concerns as the price of real civilisation is taxation: Richard Murphy ; Paul Caron is an Associate Dean of Faculty at University of Cincinnati College of Law, as well as a noted expert in tax law. Paul is a real intellectual with a great sense of humour just ingno his serious looking photo ;-) TaxProf Blog; From Taxing times to Paul Krugman to Freakonomics to the Consumerist, we compiled a list of the most influential (and useful) finance blogs out there and then asked some of the best-known bloggers to review one another's work Financial Blogs 25 Best

Almost everyone's pensions and savings now pass through the offshore havens that have sprung up over the last 50 years or so. These offshore havens are highly secretive and encourage wealthy individuals and transnational corporations to avoid paying taxes in the countries in which they operate Offshore watch

Law blogs, also known as blawgs, are plentiful these days. In fact, there are probably thousands to choose from and more appear each week. Taxing Times never reached the hights of the following blogs but gee we leaned lots of lessons from them :-) Top Dogs: All Legal and Taxing Eagles

On the first day of Xmas the Bankers gave to me sovereign debt and forced austerity,
On the 2nd day of Xmas the Bankers gave to me money laundering
On the 3rd day of Xmas the Bankers gave to me tax ha-vens
On the 4th day of Xmas the Bankers gave to me corruption served
On the 5th day of Xmas the Bankers gave to me gross lobbying
On the 6th day of Xmas the Bankers gave to me cheats that are lying
On the 7th day of Xmas the Bankers gave to me libor a rigging
On the 8th day of Xmas the Bankers gave to me bonuses milking
On the 9th day of Xmas the Bankers gave to me huge tax avoidance
On the 10th day of Xmas the Bankers gave to me interest payments taken
On the 11th day of Xmas the Bankers gave to me house price inflation
On the 12th day of Xmas the Bankers gave to me debt money creation
The bankers’ 12 days of Christmas