Saturday, August 25, 2012

Apple: Oranges are not the only fruit

Great business turns on a little pin.
If anyone had any question what hard core irony is exactly, consider this: Today is the one-year anniversary of the day Steve Jobs stepped down from his job as the charismatic and legendary leader of Apple, as well as the very moment that the company he co-founded has largely won an epic legal battle with Samsung over patent infringement ...

In a quote by Steve Jobs from Walter Isaacson’s biography of him, he famously said:

I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this. (Every bohemian Media Dragon has to read this book twice or else ;-)]

Apple's victory in a San Jose court gives it an upper hand in a global negotiation and being conducted via litigation - Apple got the best of Samsung in the first of their many patent trials to go to a U.S. jury. A nine-person panel came back to the federal courtroom in San Jose, Calif., Friday afternoon, after only three days of deliberation, and announced that the Korean electronics giant had infringed six of the seven patents for Apple mobile devices that were at issue in the trial. The verdict came with a $1.05 billion price tag, less than half of what Apple was looking for, but not too shabby, all the same. New blood at Apple are taking lots of leaves out of the pages of former role models such as Ken Segall who took the capital I from Imrich as they continue to cross the treacherous waters of Iron Curtains surrounding the industrial espionage and the digital Cold War Apple Gets $1 Billion From Samsung—Nothing Changes

I am grateful to many characters who created virtual space for my story of Cold River. The tale of escape across the Iron Curtain continues to flow in the digital currents because Michael Schaefer, Steve Jobs, Rober Scoble and Shel Israel cared to give me oxygen Deep One Degree of Separation Among Bloggers

Media Dragon Exclusive Scoop: As from XXV of VIII of MMXII there is no more question mark whether Apple will compare Oranges with other Sponsors ;-) UK's Orange Prize For Fiction Soon To Become Apple Prize For Fiction!

My daughters, Gabbie and Sasha, the Children of the Velvet Revolution are rather blessed as they have a role model like no other in Julia Gillard who is 27th most powerful woman in the whole world. With two year under her belt as the first female prime minister of Australia, Julia Gillard oversees a population of 22 million and a GDP of $926 billion. Julia Gillard (symbolic two sevens) I escaped on 7 of 7 so 2 sevens are a nice touch by the investigative Forbes ;-) And another Aussie Gail Kelly of Westpac fame is at number 60. Almost as powerful as Malchkeon who is numero 1 (ikk) ;-)

CODA It’s with you every moment of every day. It reminds you of little things that you sometimes forget, like calling friends on their birthdays and picking up the dry cleaning. It sleeps by your side, resting when you rest and working when you work. It even talks back once in a while. Ako Dobre poznas Tvoj ifone? But how well do you really know your iPhone?

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